When it comes to wedding and bridal hair and makeup do’s and don’ts, it is really important to listen to the professionals. 

Is it just a case of putting hair up? 

Honestly no, your hairstylist will help you.

They are the expert in their field and can offer advice and suggest things you may not have even thought of, such as weather, how warm you get (if you get hot flushes or just, in general, run warm, it can get hot in a wedding dress) if that’s the case may be wearing your hair up and off your neck is best or even swept to the side. 

Hair texture and how you would normally wear it are things to consider.

Just a bit of makeup?

Every skin type deserves the perfect match. A primer should balance and prepare your skin for the rest of the makeup.

Find your ideal foundation. Is it dewy or matte, lightweight or full coverage? 

A professional hair and makeup artist will carry a variety of foundations in their kit it’s about how you want to look and feel. 

When you hire a hair and makeup artist for your bridal party you aren’t just paying someone to make you “look pretty” you are hiring a professional, someone who has experience within that area, someone who will have insurance, who will have various products and tools to recreate your visions of what you want by working with you, your hair and skin and helping you stay calm, keeping you to a schedule so you are ready on time with no dramas, someone hopefully you can bond with so they fit in with your special day.


Top tips for hair and makeup –

* If you can’t afford to hire a hair and makeup artist try and have a mini splurge and invest in some new makeup and go for colours that will compliment you and you can continue using. 

* Try and avoid using cheap makeup brands because you are trying to save money, premium brands often far exceed the cheap brands in terms of their quality and application and how well they hold up on what will be a long day.

* Don’t get carried away copying a makeup look that has been modelled by someone who looks completely different from you – it will not look the same. 

Same applies to hair, Pinterest and Insta are great however there is often a lot of hairpieces added and lots of extensions under the picture.

It may also have been only done to illustrate that hairstylists idea and isn’t suitable for a wedding day where you are out and greeting, dancing and having fun. It was more than likely a photoshoot image only. 

  • Don’t apply the makeup yourself if you are unsure or nervous about doing it, especially without a trial first – just use a professional and you will get a result which far exceeds anything you will be able to achieve when you should be feeling pampered and relaxed on your wedding morning.
  • Make sure you hire a professional, ideally, someone with a good selection of examples of their work to their portfolio either via a website, a long-standing Facebook or Insta, check Google are they a legit business and not someone just trying to get some extra pocket money.
  • Make sure you get a contract if for any reason you had to use your wedding insurance they would ask for one so make sure you get one.


But mostly if you can work it into your budget hire a professional do, I’ve yet to have a client regret it. 

We work closely with you to visualize your dreams and to ensure you have a perfect look for your special day.

A bridal look is so much more than just a style, it is an art-form.

I’ve learnt valuable first-hand experience of how to build and maintain relationships with my bridal clients.

With a fully stocked cruelty-free hair product kit, and soon to be makeup kit to match, we can spend time working with you to find your perfect hair and makeup to complement and complete your look for your day. 

We love getting to know our brides and enjoy hearing about their details. 

Yes, I do have my minimum spend in place however if its a short notice wedding and I don’t have plans then if I can help I will. 

But you don’t know unless you ask, so what’s stopping you? Get in touch 😄