Gifts for Christmas –

Making Positive Environmental Changes



Winter wonderland or winter waste? 


It is that time of year again where you start planning your gift lists of smellies and maybe makeup? 

But here’s the thing – when was the last time you had a spring clean of your makeup? 

I’m not talking cleaning your makeup brushes that should be done regularly anyway.

I’m talking the broken eyeshadows lurking at the back of the drawers, and THAT waterproof mascara you bought for the wedding you went to four years ago just in case of happy tears.

Let alone the multiple lipsticks that you have barely worn let alone used recently or anything that you may have lurking at the bottom of your bag.

Go deep, examine the contents of your makeup drawer, cabinet, or bag.

Take out anything that’s in a broken container or missing a cap, once you have a bit of a sort then you need to have a real think as you need to get rid of any makeup that’s past its expiration date.

These aren’t set in stone but should be used as a good general guide, obviously once opened the products are exposed to air and bacteria, and you don’t want to be using makeup that is harbouring germs and bacteria to spread across your face each time you use, do you?


Liquid, cream foundation, concealer, powders, eyeshadow, powder blusher, 


6 – 12 MONTHS

Lipsticks, lip and eye pencils, brow pencils, cream blusher and eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner.


3 – 6 MONTHS 


Mascara (this one is a tricky one, some say 6 months from opening however many cosmetic experts say 3 months)

Now you have had a sort out, really look at what you use daily and try not to just buy things for the sake of it.

Only buy what you use and need, one of my steps to be a bit greener over the last few years has been to cut down on my waste and reduce, reuse (where safe to do so) and recycle whatever I can. 

Being a professional artist means I don’t just carry one brand, or colour foundation or product I have to carry multiple shades and products for a range of skin conditions and diversity this is something I would not change.

So rather than buying each and every shade I skip a few shades between so I’m not buying unnecessary things and adding to the waste in society. 

Meaning a happy environment, a happy me along with happy clients so winning all round if you ask me. 

Please join me when having your next makeup clear out and be more conscious in your buying with makeup, think sustainable and ethical as we move forward to a world we can make small but positive changes in.