While many of you will walk away from a salon empty-handed but loving your hair, how long before you think it doesn’t feel as great?
The first shampoo? The second? If you are not following up with the recommendation from your stylist that may be why.
Let me break it down for you into sections and what we can do to get your hair feeling and looking like you have just had that salon-worthy hair wash.

Are you dealing with dry, dull and unmanageable hair?


You’re not alone. Lucky for us, the newest range of hair masks and treatments are not only created to bring much-needed moisture back to dull and dry strands.
But they also feed your hair with some much-needed nutrients and TLC to repair the damage, soften strands and increase shine. Because we all dream of that beautiful shiny hair don’t we?
Before we get down to it and get stuck into the best treatments for your hair, let’s get to why there may be a problem: and what causes dryness and damage, and what can you do to avoid it in the first place, here it goes;

What causes hair to become damaged?


There are many factors that can factor in and contribute to hair becoming dry and damaged. One is over-processing, which can happen to those who color or chemically straighten or curl their hair.
Another potential cause? Blow-drying and using hot tools too often. When you heat strands up too quickly or too much, it zaps the moisture right out, which causes breakage and damage.
To prevent this, I would always recommend avoiding using heated and hot tools as much as possible, and when you do, turning the heat setting down or having it on a lower setting can really help so you’re not frying your hair.
Protective sprays, my personal favourite Is the Eleven Australia as it also has 11 benefits one of which being heat protection this can also come in handy to cut down on the damage.
Other potential causes of dry hair crazy as it sounds include frequent and over-shampooing, overexposure to environmental elements and certain medications.

The Best Hair Treatments to Salvage Dry Hair


To remedy dry hair, I recommend using a good intensive hair schedule starting with a shampoo to help repair the hair, that will replenish your hair’s moisture, smooth down the cuticle to prevent further moisture loss and damage and increase shine and manageability.
I’d recommend following using a hair treatment at least once per week.
When on the hunt for the perfect hair care plan and shopping for the best products that address dryness, and remember that just like a prescription your hair will start to feel and getter better you may need to change it up a little and integrate a routine that then suits your hair as it starts to repair and feel in better condition but your hairstylist can help you with that by recommendation of what you want to do with your hair and how it feels and your lifestyle.
After all it’s great having fantastic looking hair while in the salon but we as professional hairstylists want you to have that great hair feeling at home.

So here are my top tips and treatments to help bring that hair back to life, step by step


All of which you can get from us in the salon. Just ask.
When shampooing your hair I like to do a two shampoo process the first the cleanse the hair and remove buildup and the second to help with the root of the problem (excuse the pun)
My first shampoo I love our Eleven Australia deep clean shampoo, followed by the Eleven Australia repair my hair shampoo.
Before you shampoo your hair, make sure you fully soak it. Soaking your hair in hot water will help open up the cuticles and loosen the oil that’s already in your hair.
When you’re shampooing your hair, you should really only lather it at the roots and the nape of your neck and then work it through to the ends. In other words, don’t place more shampoo at the end of your hair and work it through from bottom to top.
Once you have finished rinsing gently squeeze any excess water from the hair and apply the Eleven Australia repair my hair treatment, apply to mid-length and ends first.
DON’T use conditioner on your whole head – this can make it feel weighed down and greasy, especially at the roots.
Instead, condition from about the middle of your hair to the ends as this hair has been exposed to heat and the environment for longer meaning it can be more damaged?
Now while the conditioner is on is the perfect time to comb through your hair to get rid of and tangles and make it easier to comb before you come to style it.

TOP TIP – Condition from mid-hair to ends.


  • Rinse out the conditioner using cool water, which will help to seal your cuticle.

Once you have finished rinsing gently squeeze excess water out and wrap in a towel to remove a little extra moisture, be careful not to rub this can cause more damage.
Next is the best time to work through some of the Eleven Australia miracle treatment (it comes as a pump or a spray for your convenience) work through the hair sectioning and combing then away you go.
Im hoping you enjoyed this blog and it gave you some helpful tips and pointers on how to get the best from your hair. But if you do still need help or advice get in touch and we will advise where we can.