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What is health and wellness? Is there a difference? How can Butterflies help?


Health – Health focuses on the physical and mental being free from illness and injury.Health tends to be a goal you work to achieve, For example, managing chronic conditions such as lowering your blood pressure or controlling diabetes are goals to be reached, as are losing weight or strengthening and toning through exercise.

Wellness – Wellness is more than being free from illness, It is about the overall balance of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, the way you live your everyday life is not so much an end goal to be achieved but more a lifestyle that you adapt, and the process of change and growth that lasts for a lifetime.

When I first started in my hair and beauty pathway I thought it was just all about the hair and the makeup, and making people “be pretty”. I think my views on this have changed over the years for a number of reasons but society hadn’t helped with that.
How wrong I was, meeting and getting to know people over the years is not just about the hair and makeup at all.
It’s about that connection with people and making them feel good about themselves whether it’s doing it for them or helping and advising on the best way to style their new look for when they do it themselves.

It’s about helping people feel good about themselves and getting them to have a better quality of experience because mental health and wellness matter, and how you feel about yourself.

Why does it matter?

It matters because your well-being not only affects your emotions, it can go on to affect your physical health which can in turn lead to issues with skin and hair.


I am super excited to say I am exhibiting locally at a women’s health and wellness event at Lavenham Village Hall on Saturday 18th of November from 2 – 8 pm

Not only is this event going to be a source of knowledge for all, it is also an exciting event for me as I feel that with a diverse range of exhibitors, it is all about being interactive and educational with demonstrations and taster treatments. Empowering women.


I know you are probably bored of me saying it but I will say it til the people at the back hear me!

“Beauty should be about being confident” my aim at the event as usual will be to enhance you and give you a better understanding of yourself and your hair and makeup should you choose to embrace it.

Or maybe you just need advice on how to update your hair and makeup look to better compliment you just ask.

I will be there doing a few demonstrations and offering a mini discount card for those wishing to book with me in the future.

Cant wait to meet you.


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