Terms of Business

 We hope that this policy reassures our clients that we are taking every precaution to protect them, protect ourselves and protect our future clients from Coronavirus.

Author and business owner: Danielle Baker 

Review Date: 1 June 2021

Next Planned Review: Review in 12 months or sooner if required 



Artist: Danielle Baker  

Assistants: Professional Hair and/or Makeup Artists who have been booked by the Artist to assist them at the Booking.

Booking: The date, venue and occasion for which the Party are to receive Services.

Bride: The Client who has booked nm on behalf of the Party.

Client: The members of the party who will be receiving the Services of the artist

Contact: Contact with a person includes any of the following


– Living in the same household regardless of whether you are social distancing or not.


– Face to face contact for any length of time regardless of whether PPE was worn or not.


– Being within 2m of another person outside your household for any length of time regardless of whether PPE was worn or not.


– Providing Services to that person regardless of whether PPE was worn or not. 




Coronavirus: The 2020 pandemic of the virus (SARS coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2)) which results in the disease COVID-19.




Guests: Members of the Bride’s group who are not members of the Party.




Me/Our: The Artist/s




Party: The Clients who are to receive Services.




Services: Hair and/or makeup services as agreed with The Artist.




Studio  location of trials: Butterflies Essentials Salon, 3 the parade, Kedington, cb97pr 




Location of which starting our journey- Butterflies Hair Design, co100na 




Symptoms: Symptoms of Coronavirus including but not limited to the following;




– a temperature


– a new or persistent or dry cough


– shortness of breath


– extreme exhaustion 


– diarrhoea and vomiting


– muscle pain


– loss of sense of smell and/or taste


– remembering that sometimes there are no symptoms present in an infected person.




Venue: The place at which the Services are to take place.




You/Your: The Client






To ensure that Danielle and anyone that the policy is to be followed by remains up to date with protocols for reducing the risk of transmitting Coronavirus and is able to respond in the event of the Artist, Assistant, The Client, The Bride, Members of the Party and Guests.


To meet the legal requirements of the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations that are in place at the time of the services are to be carried out and the Guidance issued by HM Government from time to time relating to the Services carried out by The Artist.


The Policy is to be followed by




– The Artist


– Assistants


– The Bride


– The Client


– Members of the Party


– The Guests






To ensure that safe, effective procedures are in place for the Artist, the Assistant, Clients, Members of the Party and Guests in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus.




 The Artist recognises that the Coronavirus pandemic is a fast-moving situation. We will be regularly updating and continuing to work within safe practices if at any point we feel it becomes unsafe we reserve the right to refuse services, with the full cost of the service being paid for.  


As professional Hair and/or Makeup Artists, ensuring robust infection control practices and business continuity plans form part of the appropriate management, running and growth of Butterflies. 


The Artist will follow this policy and requires the Clients and Guests to do so too. In the event that Clients and Guests refuse to follow this policy, the Artist may refuse to carry out the Service.


Artist Responsibilities to reduce the Risk of Contracting or Spreading Coronavirus through the Services.


We request that only the client having services done and a maximum of one other person is in the room during the time that the artist arrives. This is to limit respiratory droplets within the room.


It is not possible to provide hair and/or makeup services whilst maintaining a 2m distance between the Artist and the Client. The 2m distancing is designed to prevent transmission of Coronavirus through breathing in droplets containing the virus which are emitted through coughs/sneezes/breathing.




 Direct Contact




In order that the Artist can minimise the risk of contracting or spreading Coronavirus through direct contact and in order to protect the Client, the Artist shall 


Request a suitable ventilated room or area for the artist and the client in the chair, or weather permitting may request to sit outside.


Wear the following personal protective equipment, which shall be removed and safely discarded in a tied rubbish bag after services are completed;




– mask


– gloves where appropriate


– clear visor




 Spend only the time which is necessary complete the Services within two metres of the client and avoid touching the client save to do their hair and makeup.


 Practice respiratory hygiene, including but not limited to;


– using a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and immediately disposing of the same.


– coughing or sneezing into their bent elbow


 Practice hand hygiene, including but not limited to washing their hands;


Skin Allergies & Conditions 


The client shall inform Butterflies of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. We cannot be held liable for any reactions or losses that occur due to the client’s failure to inform them of any known condition. 


It is also the client’s responsibility to inform us of any sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions within the booked bridal party receiving makeup and/or hair services upon booking. Butterflies cannot be held liable for any reactions or losses that occur due to the client’s failure to inform prior to the application. 


 Butterflies reserve the right to refuse makeup application or hair services if any contagious skin, hair or eye infections are present. The client and party undertake any makeup/hair services at their own risk. 


Travel Fees


Prices are inclusive of 10 driven miles.


 Please note, a travelling fee will be assessed and added to the initial quote once all information is received. This will be charged at 50p per mile after the first 10 driven miles of CO100NA; this is chargable to and from the venue of your choice.


Butterflies reserve the right to choose which mode of transport taken to reach you, therefore the travel fees will be subject to transport mode and location. 




 Congestion, toll and parking charges will be added to the total fee and may be added after date where charges have occurred on the day.


 Where Butterflies feels it necessary a premier inn or equivalent may be requested at a cost to the client, this may be due to weather, early starts or travel limitations. Unsociable hours for starting our journey (12am – 4am) £200 (4am – 6am) £100




Securing your date, bookings and trials


To secure your booking a non-refundable booking fee of £150 is required to secure the date of your choice. Without this the date will not be reserved to you.  


 This is non-refundable, or transferable but is deducted from your final balance. 


This fee needs to be paid by bank transfer within a week of requesting your chosen date.


Please note, your date will only be secured once this has been received any date changes will be chargeable at £50 a time if we are available if we cannot then any monies paid will be lost. while we try and work with you as best we can it may not always be possible to change dates but we will work with you as best we can, if we are unable to accommodate you we may offer for you to have hair or makeup lessons to the value of the money paid up to a year after the date of the original wedding booking less any admin fee’s.   


The rest of the booking is then split in two, 


At the trial you will be asked to confirm who is needing services and pay the 50% of the remaining balance, the full balance needs to be paid 4 weeks before the date booked.  


Where last minute bookings made 8 weeks or less before the event date the full amount is due when booking, this is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.  


If any extra hair and/or makeup applications are requested on the day, and if time allows, Butterflies will take payment for those by bank transfer or in cash on the wedding day prior to the service.


 Failure to make payment on the given dates stated within these terms and conditions, for any services, will result in court action to recover all monies owed, and possible cancellation of reserved date but monies paid prior will be held. 


There is a £75 surcharge for Bank holidays and the associated weekends, and Sunday bookings. This is on top of the minimum spends.




Additional stylist: 




If a second stylist is required due to timing constraints, this will be charged at an additional £100 minimum depending on timing and number of persons.




The trial is normally 2-5 months before the wedding date and is done within the salon on a Monday or Wednesday between the hours of 9.30 am and 2pm.   


 Seasonal Minimum spends




April 1st to 31st October of £550 


November 1st to March 30th the minimum on the day spend is £450


Weddings and bookings between 24th of December and 2nd of January will be charged at double the normal rate.




This does not include any trials or services done before the day or assistant fees.


Late notice and last minute weddings minimum spends may not apply please get in touch and discuss your needs.








Once the booking fee has been paid and the date is secured, Butterflies agrees to the service on the date of your wedding. 




If the client cancels, or breaks their contract any monies paid up to and including the booking fee will be retained, bookings cancelled 6 weeks or less before the date the full remaining balance will be due. 


If we are unable to accommodate you we may offer for you to have hair or makeup lessons to the value of the money paid up to a year after the date of the original wedding booking less any admin fee’s.  


Cancelling must be made in email to us – info@butterflieshairdesign.co.uk




Failure to make payment may result in court action. This clause is intended to protect loss of business due to the fact other bookings will have been declined to allow for yours to go ahead.




Butterflies reserves the right to cancel a booking following a trial without a refund of the booking fee, and services done at the trial in circumstances where the client is uncooperative / makes it difficult to carry out our work, or is made to feel uncomfortable in any way or is mistreated. Or if anyone becomes violent or displays offensive behaviour. Or we do not feel we are a good match to  carry out the work that the client requested.




  If YOU cancel or change the booking-




 Payments for work that has been carried out is non-refundable, as is the non- refundable booking fee. 


Three calendar months notice is needed for any changes to your booking by adding or reducing them. Additional services can only be added if time/ resources allow it and reductions after this time will still be paid in full.


If you need to postpone or change the date of your booking for reasons that are unforeseen/not in your control or for any other reason. Butterflies will allow for one date change only. After such time a number booking with a new reservation fee would be required. 


* Postponements can only be accepted with no further fees should the new rescheduled date fall within the same year as the initial wedding date or if it falls on a week day (Monday to thursday, excluding bank holidays) a maximum of 1 year.   


* Should the new rescheduled date move to the following year any other day, this would be considered as a cancellation with all remaining payments due as well as a new booking with new reservation payment for the new date. This means your initial booking therefor cannot be transferred.


In the event you have to cancel your booking completely- 


* cancellation within three months of the agreed wedding date 50% of the remaining balance is due by the original due date. 


* cancelling 1 month or less to the wedding date 100% of the balance is still due by the original due date.  


 COVID 19 * Due to government restrictions it may not be possible for us to perform services due to the tier systems that get put in place if this is the case any moneys previously received can be put forward and used towards services within the year that the wedding should have taken place.


 Moving dates due to covid related restrictions, where the wedding date has to be moved due to Government lockdowns if the date falls within that time you will be given one alternate date change free of charge as long as we are available on the next date get in touch so we can work with you to secure a new date, any others will be charged. 






To increase our portfolio, your hair/makeup artist may wish to take photographs of the finished hair/makeup looks.  


Professional photography taken at your wedding will also be requested. These photographs may be used on the artist’s social media pages and website to increase their portfolio, but no personal information will be given apart from your first name and date of your ceremony.  


 If you do not want this information to be published in social media/website please notify us in writing via email before your trial/wedding day. 


 Photographic/video images of the client, members of the booking or event may be used by the artist on social media unless the client has expressly withdrawn their consent in writing via email. 







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